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Dacilon 0.5mg

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Dacilon 0.5mg

International Name : Dacilon 0.5mg

Contains : Dactinomycin

Manufacturer : Celon Labs

Form : Bottle

Packing : 1 Vial

Strength : 0.5 mg

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Dacilon 0.5mg

Dacilon 0.5mg Injection is utilized as a part of the treatment of testicular disease, gestational trophoblastic neoplasia.

How Dacilon Injection functions

Dacilon 0.5mg infusion is an against malignancy medicine. It works by harming the hereditary material (DNA) of the malignancy cells and stops their development and multiplication. Use proper contraception amid treatment with dactinomycin, if you are ladies of childbearing potential.

During organization, maintain a strategic distance from an inward breath of clean or vapors and contact with eyes or mucous films as it is profoundly dangerous and to a great degree destructive to delicate tissues. Take insurances while taking dactinomycin as you may create perilous unfavorably susceptible reactions. You might be observed day by day for any symptoms amid treatment as it might cause lethal responses, for example, stomatitis, loose bowels, extreme hematopoietic depression.

Tell your specialist if you are or intending to wind up plainly pregnant or are breastfeeding.  Dacilon 0.5mg Injection is most likely safe to use in patients with kidney illness. Restricted information accessible proposes that dosage modification of Dacilon 0.5mg Injection may not be required in these patients. If it’s not too much trouble counsel your specialist.

Side Effects:

  • Glossitis
  • Sickness
  • Mouth ulcer
  • Regurgitating
  • Loss of hunger
  • Lip aggravation


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