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Perjeta 420 mg/14 ml

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Perjeta 420 mg/14 ml

International Name : Perjeta

Contains : Pertuzumab

Manufacturer : Genetech

Form : Bottle

Packing : 1 Vial

Strength : 420 mg / 14 ml

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Perjeta 420 mg/14 ml


Perjeta (pertuzumab) is shown for the treatment of HER2 positive bosom malignant growth in patients with metastatic disease or as neoadjuvant treatment for patients with privately progressed, provocative, or beginning period bosom malignant growth as a component of a total treatment routine for early bosom malignant growth.


Perjeta (pertuzumab) is utilized in a blend with trastuzumab and docetaxel (other malignant growth drugs) for the treatment of patients with HER2-positive metastatic bosom disease who have not gotten an earlier enemy of HER2 treatment or chemotherapy for metastatic illness.

It is likewise utilized in the mix with trastuzumab and chemotherapy as neoadjuvant treatment for patients with HER2-positive, privately progressed, provocative, or beginning period bosom malignancy as a feature of a total treatment routine for an early bosom disease.”


Before utilizing Perjeta Injection, advise your specialist about your present rundown of prescriptions, over the counter items (for example nutrients, natural enhancements, and so forth.), hypersensitivities, previous illnesses, and current well being conditions . Some well being conditions may make you increasingly vulnerable to the reactions of the medication. Measurements depends on your condition. Vital directing focuses are recorded beneath.

  • Bosom sustaining
  • Chemotherapy or radiation treatment
  • Heart assault
  • Coronary illness .


These reactions are conceivable, however don’t generally happen. Consult your specialist on the off chance that you watch any of the accompanying symptoms, particularly on the off chance that they don’t leave.

  • Sickness
  • Loose bowels
  • Decline in hunger
  • Trouble nodding off or staying unconscious
  • Agony, consuming, deadness or shivering in the hands or feet
  • Mournful eyes
  • Pale or dry skin
  • Balding
  • Mouth wounds .


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