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Tretiheal (Tretinoin) Cream 0.1% & 0.025% (20gm)

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Tretiheal (Tretinoin) Cream 0.1% & 0.025% (20gm)

International Name : Tretiheal

Contains : Tretinoin

Manufacturer : Healing Pharma India Pvt.Ltd

Form : Cream

Packing : Tube

Strength : 0.1% & 0.025% 20 Mg

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Tretiheal (Tretinoin) Cream 0.1% & 0.025% (20gm)

Tretinoin, derived from vitamin A, stands as a top choice among topical treatments for mild to moderate acne. It’s classified under Retinoids. The drug boosts cell turnover rates, aiding in the prevention of new acne breakouts. Since its FDA approval in 1971, Tretinoin has been instrumental in reducing the prominence and severity of acne.

Conditions it addresses:

Tretinoin is prescribed for:

  • Managing mild to moderate acne
  • Repairing sun-damaged skin

Delving into Tretinoin’s mechanism:

How does it function?

Tretinoin serves as a potent exfoliator, quickening the skin’s renewal process. It enhances pigmentation by facilitating faster melanin removal from the dermis. The drug bolsters collagen levels in skin cells, ameliorating minor wrinkles. While it significantly boosts skin quality, it doesn’t address deep-set scars or ice pick scars.

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