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Hair loss

What is the main reason behind hair loss?

Genetic traits, hormonal changes, illnesses, or simply ageing itself may be the cause. Although everyone can, men are more prone than women to lose hair on their heads. When there has been a significant loss of scalp hair, the term “baldness” is usually employed.

Your hair will thin out and grow slowly or not at all if you have alopecia. (Thinning hair). People of various ages and genders might exhibit a variety of hair loss symptoms. Hair loss can occur everywhere on the body or just on the head.

Why do you think shaving your head is important?

Genetic flaws can result in hereditary baldness. (Genes your parents passed down to you).
a head disease caused by a fungus.

treatments to firmly pull your hair back, such as braids, extensions, or tight ponytails.
For instance, both perming and bleaching have the potential to harm hair.
different hormone dosages, including those used during menopause, pregnancy, and childbirth.
Chemotherapy and medicines are employed as treatments. (like chemotherapy and specific medications).
inadequate nutritional needs, particularly in terms of consuming protein and iron.
adversity (such as undergoing surgery or losing a loved one).

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