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A Hairline Loss

Your entire body, just your scalp, or both may be affected by alopecia, which may be temporary or permanent. It could be brought on by genetics, hormonal changes, health problems, or simply aging. Men are more prone than women to experience head hair loss.

Baldness is a term used to describe excessive scalp hair loss. As people age, inherited hair loss is the most common cause of baldness. Some people would prefer to ignore their hair loss and do nothing about it. It can be hidden with the help of hairstyles, makeup, caps, and scarves. Others select a particular treatment to stop further hair loss or to encourage hair growth.

Before pursuing hair loss treatments, speak with your doctor to learn the reason for your hair loss and your treatment options.

Hair loss treatment and prevention
Preventing a health condition is one of the best methods to handle it. In some cases, it might be able to stop or at least slowdown hair loss. The fundamental cause, however, will determine this.
The following are some of the most successful preventative measures:
• eating a diet that is balanced.
• using combs with more bristles spaced apart
• staying away from harsh hair treatments and styling
• If possible, switch medications to prevent the adverse effect of hair loss.
• refrain from twisting or tying your hair.

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