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What is a cold chain supply, and how does it work?

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What is a cold chain supply, and how does it work?

The healthcare industry has become advance and moves rapidly fast – and so must your supply chain. If healthcare companies wants to improve their temperature controlled supply chain then the time is now.

Innovative temperature control options: –  

From insulin to tablets, when it comes to shipping service, choose cold chain packaging solutions and shipping solutions from GM Sanjivani, our portfolio of temperature-control solutions. Pick the solution that work best for your products:

  • Refrigerate your products with the touch of a button. For a lightweight, user-friendly shipping solution that requires no training, select the specially designed cold shipping package provided by GM Sanjivani. We will help you to securely ship your product with proper temperature and packaging.
  • Keep your shipments deep-frozen. For products that must be kept at or below -150° C, our pre-conditioned containers provided through the GM Sanjivani maintain this temperature range for up to 10 days. We also perform proactive monitoring — and, if needed, intervention — from origin to destination.
  • Match your shipping service to the urgency of your product. Your product’s integrity often in urgency shipping we can provide you an urgent cold chain shipping services with same range with-in 2-3 business days.

We provide you the best service for delivering your products with proper at controlled room-temperature without harming your products. We delivery with safe and complete packaging services. Cold Chain Shipping is necessary now-a-days as many countries need various medicine to cure the people, we provide the world-wide shipping.

As many agency or pharmaceutical companies are helping for cold chain shipping but for best service and to keep your products in safety account choose us, we are available 24*7 for your service regarding any queries any issue about your delivery or your products service we will help out with best solution.

Our shipment service will help you out with better structure of service and at best price. People who are connect with us are satisfied with our service as we give our first priority to your products for keeping them safe and packed them in big containers which are properly managed with appropriate temperature according to the weather temperature.

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